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The Interaction between AI and Creativity

In the creative business, there is rising concern about how the current advances in artificial intelligence (AI) could effect job security and general creativity. Charlie Warzel just used Midjourney to create a cover art for a story in The Atlantic and vowed never to utilize AI generating tools again. Although admirable, in the face of technological development, this attitude does not give a long-term answer. Similar worries were raised about the printing press, automated farming equipment, and even the first computer, but they did not impede inevitable advancement.

We are now witnessing a boom in AI progress, with previously unattainable jobs being completed on a regular basis. People frequently assume that AI will replace them; however, this will only occur if someone can use the technology better than they can. This is also true in the advertising sector.

There is great creative potential for generative AI, particularly with the emergence of open-source neural nets such as ChatGPT, which has nearly perfected speech-to-text transcription models. Midjourney has also integrated AI generation into a Discord bot, making AI-based innovation collaborative and hence easy and entertaining to learn.

While these technologies are not flawless, they are always developing, making human-technology collaborations increasingly feasible in the future. Despite its tremendous technological marvel, the vehicle nevertheless need a human driver. Similarly, technology such as Toon Boom have transformed the animation business, but they are only as good as the artists who bring their visions to life.

Rather than worrying about how to govern AI-based technology in creativity in order to safeguard existing work techniques, the creative sector should concentrate on how to use upcoming AI technology to establish totally new domains of work that have a greater influence on customers.

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