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Transform yourself: Says Dropout Creative Entrep CEO

Though I had been a rebellious teen, at sixteen I had flunked most of my classes—all but art and technology—so I decided to drop out of school. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I wanted to use my art skills, so I applied to graphic design school. Unfortunately, my low grades and lack of detectable academic skills led to my application being rejected. In order to gain experience, I got a job working at a creative production agency as a tea boy. I quickly realized that serving bad tea would give me more time to figure out how to make myself actually useful at the company.

The biggest challenge I faced at the agency was not the tea, but in being taken seriously as a professional. Despite my lack of formal education, I was determined to prove myself, and eventually I did. Through hard work and dedication, I was able to demonstrate my talents, and eventually I was able to pursue my dream of becoming a designer.

My family’s expectation of me was high. Being the son of one of the agency’s three owners meant I had to work extra hard to gain acceptance from my colleagues. Unfortunately, my efforts were not successful and two weeks in, my elder brother pointed out to me that everyone dislikes you. This was a difficult pill to swallow and I was filled with emotion. However, this proved to be a turning point and I used it as a motivator, striving to make myself invaluable to the agency over the next two decades. I experienced all parts of the business, gaining invaluable knowledge, and eventually becoming CEO. Through a clear and professional approach, I was able to use my hard work and dedication to gain success.

For any aspiring entrepreneur, there are three key lessons to keep in mind:

1. Don’t be swayed by what you see in online social media. Being an entrepreneur is a difficult journey, with a multitude of decisions to make and challenges to face every day. People will expect you to make the right decisions confidently, even if you may be feeling unsure. It’s important to remember that the glitz and glamour of the movies are not reflective of real life – entrepreneurship entails many struggles, and success often brings even more.

2. Don’t be afraid to fail. Mistakes are inevitable, and failure is a part of growth. Don’t let your fear of failure prevent you from making bold decisions or taking a risk. Instead, take the time to analyze and learn from the mistakes you make.

3. Stay focused and remain resilient. It’s vital to stay focused on your goals and remain resilient to the obstacles you face. Don’t be deterred by negative comments or criticism; instead, use them as motivation and opportunities to improve. With determination and hard work, you can achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, these lessons will help you stay focused and motivated during your journey. With resilience and dedication, you can reach your goals.

Parenting and entrepreneurship have a lot in common. Both involve intense moments of stress and challenge, as well as moments of joy and accomplishment. Both require the ability to manage unique personalities and the capacity to remain resilient and persistent in the face of adversity.Though not always easy, those who persist in their efforts to raise a child or grow a business will find success. As any parent or entrepreneur can attest, it is often an uphill battle to keep things running smoothly. But despite the difficulty, it is worth it for the amazing and memorable moments that come with it.

At 35 years old and beyond, you may understand the immense pressure that entrepreneurship and parenting can bring. But by remaining committed to the end goal and utilizing persistence, you can achieve success in both.

Persistence, driven by passion, is essential to success as an entrepreneur. Your enthusiasm and commitment will help you stand out, attract the right customers and staff, and enable you to achieve your business goals. Passionate determination is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur, and is required to persist despite the challenges you may face.

In order to give your all to something, it’s essential to do what you love. If not, you may become burned out, frustrated, and ready to give up. To identify your purpose, you should ask yourself: What was I put on this earth to do? What motivates me to wake up in the morning instead of staying in bed thinking? What drives me? Once you have determined your purpose, take a moment to reflect upon your career. Ask yourself: Is my career in line with my purpose? Joining the business world means finding a venture that you are passionate about and believe in. Find a way to connect with your purpose and use it as motivation to achieve the best possible results.

This advice is especially relevant for those aged 35 and above. It is important to work towards something that truly matters to you in order to avoid burnout and feelings of disappointment.

Having a clear vision and goals for the future is imperative for success. Where do I want my business to be in one, five, and ten years? Every day I need to check that my plan for the future is in line with my goals and passions. Creativity is key for me to progress in my career; it pushes me to think differently and come up with solutions and to challenge my own beliefs. As a professional, I understand the importance of the creative process and how people think and work.

Protecting and fostering creativity has been a cornerstone of my life. Growing up, I was exposed to adversity and the pressures of an academic system that didn’t fit me. During these trying times, I turned to creative pursuits to express myself, channel my emotions, and combat the challenges I faced. Drawing, building and creating became a form of rebellion against the academic system, and a way for me to find solace and stability. As a professional, I defend, cherish and promote creativity. It is an invaluable asset that has helped me stay resilient and strong when faced with adversity. I want to help others to experience the power of creativity and to use it to overcome their own struggles. I believe in the strength of creativity and the potential it has to fuel innovation, growth, and development.

The creative spirit can be seen as a powerful force in us all, even if it does not come naturally to everyone. As an entrepreneur, you must use this creative process for problem-solving and take advantage of opportunities during good times by developing products and innovating. When I founded my company, my mission was to liberate technology in order to unlock creativity. This purpose has stayed with me and is what drives me out of bed in the morning. The challenges I faced and the creativity I employed were essential in shaping me into the leader and entrepreneur I am today. If you have an inspiring idea, give yourself permission to explore it. Tap into your knowledge, purpose, and creativity to unlock your potential. This is especially true for those over the age of 35. Professionalism and creativity can go hand in hand in finding success.

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