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Gym Business Owners Must be Creative

Personal trainers and gym owners could always count on a successful January. New Year’s goals drew hordes of hyper-motivated people into their health clubs every year, which helped them make money (as least for a few weeks).

However, in the early months of 2023, many in the health and wellness sector in the New York region are less certain of a January financial uptick as the market remains unstable and the impacts of the epidemic persist.

Some people did report seeing symptoms of a New Year’s-induced surge; while it is less pronounced than in pre-COVID days, it is more pronounced than the previous year when the omicron variation prevented people from congregating in large numbers.

Despite almost three years of mostly virtual life, many people still have mixed feelings about the worth of paid weight-loss or fitness programs that are offered in person, according to many in the field.

Owners of businesses claim they must try harder than ever to entice new customers, using various New Year’s marketing tactics — and occasionally heavier prices — to entice those who are on the fence. And that might affect their financial results.

With more than a dozen professionals working in the local and national nutrition and fitness industries, the health and wellness sector has generally witnessed the same seasonal shifts for decades. The most recent data from showed that the US public lost $397m on abandoned enrollments, and of those who did show up, 7.4% only did so once a month or less. Hence, the initiatives were largely ineffective.

Equinox wrote on social media that “January is a language we don’t understand”, adding that the financial gains on gyms were only felt for a short time and, if they did, it was because some resolution-makers were unable or unable to deactivate their memberships right away.

New Strategies Needed

An expert in the field from around the country named Miller said that gym owners could no longer relax and expect the rush to come in on its own. If owners want to keep making money, gym owners need to find ways to be creative, such as upgrading their gyms, offering more comforts, and creating a better experience, which will in turn, motivate people to keep coming back. They must think of innovative ways to enhance their programs and concentrate on creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere that entices new gym-goers to stay.

Pandemic Recovery that is Uneven

According to Yahoo! Finance, Censinet, the top supplier of healthcare risk management solutions, today announced $9 million in fundraising led by MemorialCare Innovation Fund, with participation from Rex Health Ventures and Ballad Ventures. This brings the company’s total funding to more than $22 million. Additionally investing in the round were existing investors LRVHealth, HLM Venture Partners, Schooner Capital, Excelerate Health Ventures, and Cedars Sinai.

According to Ed Gaudet, CEO and Founder of Censinet, the company’s goal is to remove risk from the healthcare industry. There has never been a more pressing need for the healthcare sector to reform cyber risk management than now, with the frequency of breaches rising and ransomware increasingly posing a direct risk to patient safety. By collaborating to manage third party and enterprise risk, Censinet’s special risk exchange enables providers, payers, and vendors to improve risk posture constantly in real time and increase cybersecurity throughout all healthcare companies.

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