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KidSuper for Menswear Presentation in Place of The Creative Director

Along with French filmmakers Michel and Olivier Gondry, the designer will be one of the show’s many creative collaborators.

Since Virgil Abloh’s untimely death in November 2021, Louis Vuitton really hasn’t hired a new creative director. The brand is debuting an altogether new concept for Paris Men’s Fashion Week more than a year later—and still without a dedicated menswear creative.

According to WWD, a number of creatives will collaborate with the French luxury label for the Fall 2023 displays, which run from January 17 to 22. The “contributor collective” includes the French directors Michel and Olivier Gondry, the stylist and Off-successor White’s Ibrahim “Ib” Kamara, the visual director Lina Kutsovskaya from Los Angeles, and an unnamed “world-famous music star.” Additionally, Colm Dillane, the American creator and founder of KidSuper, will be a guest runway designer—a first for Louis Vuitton.

Despite only having participated in two previous Paris Fashion Weeks, Dillane has been “embedded in the design studio these past few months,” according to Vogue.

Similar to Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2023 show with performance components, the men’s show continues the brand’s collaborative approach that was first seen in the brand’s previous two seasons. It features dancers, a live orchestra, FAMU’s marching band, and rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Chairman and CEO Michael Burke said the 19th would inform us of Dillane’s appointment as the house’s long-term successor when asked about it by WWD.

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